Monday 31 December 2012

A new year is almost here

And I thought I wasn't very productive this year. A little over 1 item a week. I'm pretty happy with that!
On the agenda for 2013 - maybe try out some more garment sewing. Finish the few tossed aside projects that have been lying around. Specifically my big quilt. And make hubby's duffel. 
And get my craft room organised and cleaned out.
I want to be lighter in every way in 2013. Light & happy.
Wishing you all the very best for the New Year. Hope you stick around ;o)

Kel xxx

Friday 28 December 2012

It's all over for another year

 Christmas was exhausting, amazing, beautiful, hot, funny, filling and overwhelming. It was so full on from the time I got up on Christmas Eve until our last guest left on Boxing Day night.
 All the effort I put in was totally worth it to see everybody enjoying themselves.
 We had a gorgeous sunny day and I managed to get a little burnt from sitting in the pool for too long.
I had a little frantic moment panicking that my homemade ice cream wouldn't set. But it did. I really should have more faith in myself.

I can't say that I'll be volunteering to host Christmas again next year - but I am really proud of myself for pulling it off.

I hope you had a fantastic time spending it with the ones you love too,

Kelly xxx

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Sunglasses case

 Did it in the nick of time.
I was feeling slightly better this morning after a 12 and a half hour sleep so I grabbed the opportunity while I could, to make another present.
This one is a present for my hubby's aunty. I know she wears glasses so I thought she might like a glasses case.
I used the tutorial here
I used some wool suiting that I had leftover from a pouch I made. And some leftover Amy Butler from a bag I made my mum last Christmas.

The only thing left is the duffel bag. It'll have to wait until Saturday after I get my cutter & mat back.
Hopefully I'll get it done - otherwise it'll be a birthday present ;o)

Have you made anything handmade this Christmas?
Are you all done?


K xxx

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Bad timing

So Saturday morning I woke up with a middle ear infection. And it's been all downhill from there.
Can't sleep. Can't get rid of the pain. Totally bad timing with Christmas coming up next week and a million things to do to get ready.
So this week it's all about little goals.
Today I washed sheets, sent some parcels and ordered the Christmas groceries. Not much but was all I could manage.
Tomorrow I need to get 2 presents done. If that's all I get done then I'll be happy.
My little sweetpea helped me out and sewed up the Christmas magnets. I love seeing them every time I open the fridge.

There is a storm tonight. Lots of thunder & lightning. I've taken some medicine and hoping to get some decent sleep. Have only been able to sleep for 3 hours at a time. So I'm really needing it.

Hope your week is going to plan,

K xxx

Saturday 15 December 2012

Zip pocket pouch

 Last night I made this zip pocket pouch. It is for my daughter who never really loves anything I make. So I'm hoping this one is a winner. She commented that she liked this fabric. SO I think I've got it right there. Hopefully.
 And she can put her phone and some cash in there and head off to the shops.
The pattern is by Michelle patterns.
It's definitely a pattern I'd like to make again. Very cute!

Now I'm all set to start the bag. If I settle for cutting over the weekend and then sewing on Monday I should be all fine. It's the last HAVE TO SEW item before Christmas. Wish me luck.

Have a happy weekend.

Friday 14 December 2012

A cushion for the nanna

 And the final finish this week - a cushion for hubby's nanna. Using my favourite Amy Butler Lark print.
And in the same theme of everything this week the flower print is scraps from my Honeybun pouf. The stripes from my Weekender bag that I didn't use. And the binding leftover from my sons quilt.

Next up trying to finish a little pouch before I move onto the duffel. I hope I'm ready to start that on Monday.
Have a great weekend. 

Thursday 13 December 2012

And the winners are....

 Using my highly technical & advanced method of drawing the winners - they are:
 Rhonda N for the dots
And Melanie for the flowers.

Congratulations ladies.
Email me with your postal addresses and I'll get them sent out asap!

Another Gift

 The other day I spent some time handsewing the labels onto the burlap bags. Then yesterday I finished them off by making the lining and attaching it.
 There was alot more hand sewing than I'd normally do.
They were meant to have a ruffle but I decided to leave it off. I think they turned out pretty cute.
There's nothing like a looming deadline to make you get moving.
Still have a wallet, a duffle bag and a little bag to make.

I have to have it all done by Chrissy Eve as I'll be chained to the kitchen.

There's still a little time left for my giveaway. You can enter here. I'll be back with a winner later.
Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Body Pillow (Christmas present)

I managed to finish off the body pillow cover. And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Especially considering I used only scraps. That makes me feel good!
 I based it on a pattern by Tula Pink from her book. All the bars on the front are scraps from my sons quilt.
 For the background I used scraps of denim from a dress that I'm making.
And the back I pieced together scraps from his quilt and also some Amy Butler dots from his pocket pillow

I hope he likes it!

Sunday 9 December 2012

Giveaway - camera strap with lens cap pouch

 This week I had a little time to sew so I made a couple more camera straps. I can't wait to get a sewing desk as whenever I go to make something, I take over our dining table as well as my sewing table, the ironing board and parts of the floor.
 I ended up making another 4 strap covers.
 Today I have started working on a body pillow case. I still haven't finished cutting. I better get my bum into gear - especially since I worked out what I still need to make over the next 2 weeks. It ain't pretty!
I'm not buying anything new for anything that I am making - so for this cover I am using leftover pieces from my sons quilt, plus some leftover denim from my dress (that I have yet to finish)
I hope it turns out ok.

So onto the giveaway.
There's a bit of an issue with 2 of the camera strap covers. The fusible fleece was a bit too thin than I'd like - therefore I'm not happy with selling them. But I am willing to give them away. Both of them are made from the same fabric and both backed with pink dots - the only difference is one has a dot lens cap pouch and the other has a flower one.
So if you would like one of these. Just leave a comment with DOTS or FLOWERS. I'll draw a winner for each on Thursday the 13th December.

Good Luck

K xxx


Thursday 6 December 2012

Paper goodies

 My Simon Says Stamp order arrived today. I was so happy to see it. I was waiting on it to make my Christmas cards - and I usually have them sent on the 1st of December. Need to get started!
In the box was this kit that I ordered. I just loved the reindeer stamp!
 Hope to get some time over the weekend to get them done.

Are you making yours this year?
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