Friday 31 August 2007

Not Saturday

Today felt so much like a Saturday.
Ended up taking the kids to the beach for a walk. While I was gone a Fed Ex man came to drop off a parcel. I was annoyed that I missed it - so I called them and they said to come to their office at 5:30pm and I could pick it up. So I bundled up the kids and headed over there. Do you think they were there. Um, no. I waited. Nothing.
So now I have to wait for them to deliver on Monday.
I think it might be the "something" that I won from Making Memories. Hmmmm.
I wonder what it is. I am going to be wondering all weekend.
I did the top page last night. I had a plan but it went out the window. So I don't really like it. But it's a page done and it's another to go in the album. (well it would if I had an empty album)
Bottom one I did tonight. I think it's ok.
No huge plans for the weekend. Cleaning is definately on the agenda!!
Good-O!! Can hardly wait!
Don't forget to check out Septembers Tarisota Kit......One word.....YUM!!! It's up now.
K xxx

Who's feeling lucky tonight?

Well that would be me!!
I won the sneaks competition Tamar was running on her blog!!
Yay for me!! I won an Inspiration Collection from Tarisota. YUMMO!! Way too cool!!
I tell you what. It's made my fairly crappy night a whole lot brighter!!
Thank you beautiful Tamar!!

K xxx

Thursday 30 August 2007

Feels like Friday

I did a bit of online shopping today and spent the last of my money. Blue Bazaar is having a huge sale. Picked me up some great bargains. Go have a look. Ordered some fab stamps for half price. And got some new papers really cheap. I was very happy!!
Kids have the day off tomorrow for the show. So today really feels like a friday.
I'm gonna try and work on something tonight for Fathers Day. There's nothing like leaving it to the last minute!! Seems to be my thing of late.
See you next time -
K xxx

Wednesday 29 August 2007


I created this page.

It was a redo as I loved these pics but hated the layout.

I think this one has turned out much better.

It took me 4 times longer than when I normally scrap. Due to my fingers.

Thought I'd post pics of my poor little fingers! Took me ages to go to sleep last night. They were burning. I can't bend them today. It sucks.

K xxx

The Scarlet Lime

I managed to get my hands on a Scarlet Lime kit this morning before they all sold out.

Thank you so much Christy. I can't wait to get it. The colours are gorgeous. I am so excited.
Hopefully my fingers will be better before I get it!!
This was a card I made the other night when I was crook.
My little man went on an excursion to Movie world today. He left at 7am and won't be back until late this afternoon.
And yesterday little Miss brought home her ribbon and badge for coming first at the Eisteddford a few weeks ago.
Have a great day!!
K xxx

Tuesday 28 August 2007


I just did the stupidest thing. I wrapped my fingers around the grill to push it back into the oven.......forgetting that it had been in the oven at 250 degrees.

I managed to burn my 2 middle fingers. Badly.

Yes. It hurts. And I am really dumb.

And now I can't do my dishes, or have a shower easily. And I can't scrap - which is the saddest thing of all :o(

Lee-Ann and I went to have a look at a scrapshop today that I don't normally go to and I had a little impulse splurge. I mean - who can walk into a scrap shop and walk out with nothing?

Obviously not me!!

Monday 27 August 2007

Not dead......

but feeling really lousy.
Was up sick last night. And I don't feel much better today.
Just thought I'd let you know - in case I am not around much this week.

Hope you are all better than me today!

K xxx

Saturday 25 August 2007


I did have a clear out. Have 2 boxes of scrappy stuff that I don't want anymore. So tomorrow it will be heading next door to my friend Lee- Ann. She sorted out all her stuff today so now she'll be able to fit more in. There's about 50+ sheets of paper in there that I don't want anymore. I didn't realise I was such a paper hoarder. So weird considering I don't even usually use alot of paper on layouts. Bizarre!!

I also tidied up my desk a bit. I feel better.

And last night I put all my layouts in a pizza box as they are starting to warp from the all the moisture - and I have run out of albums.

Have a great night!

K xxx


Yesterday we sort of had a bit of a day off so we watched - Wild Hogs, Life & death of Bobby Z, A good man?(the one with Robin Williams), Perfect stranger and Reign over me. They were all really good.
Had a bit of an accident in the morning - knocked my clock into my cup of coffee and it spilt all over it and mangled the hands. Can you believe it!!
So I mopped it up. But everything started falling off. So I stuck it back on but the clock circle is all warped. So stupid.
I still love it though.
I made the 5 years layout today. Made a big boo boo. We were married in 2000 but our 5th anniversay was 2005. I have corrected it but I didn't take a new pic though.
I used the last of my Shabby Rockstar Collection. Man - that kit went far. I still have alot left left of Candy Town too.
Better get cracking before the new one arrives!!!
I am still waiting to get some ink. Not that I have any new pics to print. Oh well.
Still wet here.
My little Miss is at a sleepover tonight. So me and Michael are having a quiet night together.
I may sort out my scrap room. Have a bit of a throw out.
That could take a while!!
K xxx

Thursday 23 August 2007


Here's the clock I made today. It was so fun. Took a while though - for drying time - due to the wet weather.
I also picked up another clock piece so I can make one for mum. I'm not in too much of a hurry.
I may add a little bit more to this one. Not sure yet.
So what do you think?
Also- a bit of exciting news - I won something from Making Memories!! How cool is that. It was totally random. And I was in happy shock all day. I think I still am!!

Wednesday 22 August 2007

Happy Mail

My stuff from Crafts Etc came this afternoon.
I packed my bag for tomorrow - so I can't play with this stuff tonight.
Update re: ebay - I think she might read my blog....I got an email today to sy she has put it in the post! Or maybe I am an impatient person and just think the worst.
K xxx

I got my scrap on last night

And made these two.

Have not unpacked my JB stuff yet. Haven't really had time.
The new collection at scrap in style is going to go really well with my JB kit. I can't wait to get that too!!
I bid on ebay the other night for a pack of four thickers. I won and paid straight away.
Since then I have not received my products or any communication from the seller. Please cross your fingers for me that I haven't been taken for a ride.
Hopefully she is just busy and has already popped them in the mail.
I don't like my chances though.
Still raining and cold here!

Tuesday 21 August 2007

I braved the elements...

to go and pick up this parcel!

So glad I did. Yummo!! Note the Daisy D's rubon tape! Too cool!
And a new stamp..woohoo!! And all the rubons are spectacular. I think Jenni's rubons are fabulous. They go on so easy. Just beautiful.
The rain has been steady all day. But now the wind has picked up.
Bit scary with stuff blowing over everywhere!!
I want the sun to come back!!

A bit of scrapping

I don't think I have ever scrapped more in my life than I have this month!!

It's good. Not really making a dent in my stash though.
This week I am expecting some parcels - but you know how the postal service can be.
Can wait to have some new stuff to play with.
Need to get organised and pack my things for Thursday. I'll probably leave that until tomorrow night. Being the last minute person that I am!
Still pouring with rain. Washing is piling up and I can't get anything dry. But I guess it's all good for my sad little garden!!
K xxx

Sunday 19 August 2007

Freezing and raining

It has been so cold today. And the rain!! Not actually hard enough to get a decent amount to fill the dams and stuff. But hard enough to keep my washing wet and be annoying!
Last of the pages that I've done. I am itching to get more ink. I hate actually wanting to scrap but not being able to. It's driving me crazy!!
My little nephew came to visit again today - and he fell asleep in my arms. He is the cutest!! I'm in love!
Too cold to be in here. So I'm off to get into some warm pyjamas!!
I hope the sun is shining tomorrow!!
K xxx

Saturday 18 August 2007

Cleaning and cutie pies

So here's a couple more pages. Nothing too impressive but it's the memory that counts, right?

Had a busy day cleaning the house - well just downstairs. And this afternoon we had a visit from my brother in law, his daughter and his new baby (top pic).
Oh my god!! Cutest bubba I've ever seen.
Reminds me of how much I want another one!
They are coming over again tomorrow and I can't wait to have more squishy bubba cuddles. He is so tiny. I just wanna eat him up - he is that sweet.

Friday 17 August 2007

Happy Friday

I'm in a funky mood today. A bit low.

Very tired and exhausted.

Very messy house - but no energy to clean it. So what did I do instead. Scrapped of course.

Felt inspired by the new webisode up at Scrap in Style. Since I can't print any pics - I had to hunt around and find an old one. Just a regular 6X4. I forgot how glossy regular pics are. I usually print my big pics on matte paper.

I was hoping to receive a parcel today so I could have some scrappy goodness over the weekend. But nothing there.

So I should get them next week. Plus I have the clock class. Scrap me Happy!!

No big plans for the weekend. It will be quiet tonight as Queen Loudmouth (aka Caitlin) is sleeping over at her friend Imogens house.

I may try and scrap some older photos. See how I go.

Anyway hope you have a relaxing weekend -

Till next time - which going on past performance, will probably be tomorrow!!

K xxx

Thursday 16 August 2007

Nearly Friday

I did this today. And just as I printed the 3rd photo - my yellow ink ran out. Bugger.
No more printing for me this week!!
I have spent tonight cutting out flowers while working. The time flew.
I cut out every single fiddly flower from a sheet of Scenic Route paper. Took a while.
But it was worth it.
K xxx

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Bad Habits

Howdy folks!

I am in a better mood tonight.
I placed an order from Crafts etc. Have been ummming and ahhing for a week or two.
But after NOT getting the bag that-shall-not-be-named I thought I needed a little pick me up.
So I got a little bit of Lola & Riley. Yum!! I think it's even more attractive for the fact that you just can't get it anywhere. And it appears to me that no retailers in Australia will be stocking it either.
That's a bad habit of mine - the minute something is hard to get or limited edition - it just HAS to be mine.
I can't tell you the amount of times that I have bought an expensive kit or paid stacks in shipping just so I could get the one little thing that was limited.

My little man had the day off today due to the Ekka holiday. Little Missy didn't get one though. Yeah - imagine how fun that was this morning sending her to school while her brother stayed home.
Bucket loads of fun!

I'm still hanging out for the Scrapyard class. Only have to wait until next Thursday. Yay.

Catch you later

K xxx

Tuesday 14 August 2007


I thought I had the deal of the century.
Amy Butler "SOLA" scrapbooking tote on ebay.
Started at like $1.00.
Sounds fair to me. So I bid.
Somebody else likes it too.
They bid.
I bid. They bid. I bid. They bid.
Price creeps higher and higher.
I'm in the lead. Untouchable.
In the final hour **BOOM** .....gone.
In the blink of an pretty is gone.
Sad sad day.
So I mosey on over to Scrapapple. They had some. I saw them.
Not anymore.
I repeat..sad, sad day!!

PS. And just coz I don't like to post without a pic - here's another tin I made using the leftover buttons ;o)

Monday 13 August 2007


Yesterday we had a great afternoon.

Shane bought a plane - that crash landed down the street and tore the wing off. It was taped together so many times - until it couldn't fly no more. So he bought some replacement parts and another one today. Spent ages repairing it. Then we took them down the park to play. First run - it takes off, looking good, then dive bombs the ground and splits in half.
I think this could be a very expensive hobby!!
(I will not comment though because I scrapbook - enough said!!)
Last night my neighbour Lee-Ann and I had some drinks. I got a little tipsy. Ok alot tipsy. Pic is of the last drink I had. A big shot of Kahlua. I was feeling a little worse for wear this morning!!
So no scrappy stuff. Actually I did a couple more pages in my diary but the batteries have run out in the camera.
So I guess you'll have to come back tomorrow ;o)
Didn't get much sleep last night so I am trying to go to bed early tonight. Just having a cup of tea now and then I'll hit the shower.
See you later
K xxx

Friday 10 August 2007

pen box

So I did make something tonight!! I just couldn't stay away!

Top one is the start of my pen box.....then I got I got a little help from my friends....and came up with this (the bottom one)

What do you think?

Love this hambly graph paper. So yummy. Didn't want to use it all on a layout...I wanted it somewhere I could see it all the time.

Thought this was the perfect answer.

K xxx

Happy it's Friday!

My little Miss is having her friend stay over tonight. It's going to be a bit squishy.

These are some old layouts from JB kits. All of me when I was little. I haven't scrapped today. Been doing washing...again.
Stopped quickly at The Scrapyard this morning to pay for my class and kit and stuff, and picked me up some Acrylic Stamps at 15% off. Very nice.
May scrap a bit tonight if I can find some pics.
Feeling really disorganised. And it's really really cold tonight. It was warm today. And now it's freezing!!
Have a great weekend!
K xxx

Thursday 9 August 2007

Still awake

So I'm still awake. Nothing on tv. Nothing to do.

So I scrapped again.

I like how it turned out. Used my Rockstar Kit from last month.

I've been keeping away from it because I love this kit so much and just want to keep it forever. But tonight I just thought "what the hell". Only did one layout with it though.

I wanted to do more but my printer is running out of yellow and blue ink. So I need to be very picky about which pics I print coz I could run out at any minute. That sucks.

Had a bit of a low day today. And scrapping has made me feel alot better.

Also makes me feel good to put a dent in my ginormous stash!!

Hoping (again) to get to bed before midnight. So wish me luck!!

K xxx

Even more Candy Town..

Yes I have been busy today!
I think I have nearly used all of it. Just a couple more papers to go!!
K xxx

More Candy Town

So I did a couple more yesterday using my SISTV Collection.
Not much on today.
Lots of washing to do. My dryer broke so I hope it doesn't rain!!
Enjoy your Thurday - whatever you may be doing!!
K xxx

Wednesday 8 August 2007


So these layouts are from a kit I bought at the Scrapyard which was from a Zina Wright class.

I really enjoyed doing them. And I still have a heap of stuff leftover!

Gotta love that!

Tuesday 7 August 2007

More journal pages

I did some pages tonight. There was nothing on the box so I thought I'd get stuck into it.

Going to takes ages to load now! Actually that was quite quick!!

Sorry they are a bit washed out. I'm in the garage and it's 10pm.
Feeling a little bit fluey tonight. I hope I am not coming down with something. I think I'm just a bit run down. Haven't had very much sleep lately. Hopefully I'll get a better one tonight.
Ok. Off to pack up my stuff and have a shower. And then I'll make a hot milo - and then hopefully be ready for bed. I never get to bed before midnight! It's a really bad habit!
Kel xxx
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