Tuesday 19 March 2013

Aeroplane Bag - pattern by Sew Sweetness

I was lucky enough to test another pattern for Sara. This time it was the Aeroplane bag. I was so excited. The minute I saw it - I knew I just had to make it. And it didn't disappoint. The instructions were clear. And I loved every minute of it.
I used fabrics from Lizzy House's "Constellations" collection. They are delish!
Inside - Tula Pinks "Birds and the Bees".
The bag has a zipper closure and two fabulous zip pockets inside.

Sara wrote this pattern as an alternative to Amy Butlers Weekender. And having made both - I can tell you it is much, much easier! No swear words this time!

I put my aeroplane bag next to my weekender - and they are roughly the same size. And the weekender has outside pockets and no internal ones.
Another plus is that there is no hand sewing in the lining. It's a big thumbs up for me!
I loved making this bag. From start to finish. Loved it. And I could have easily finished it in a day. (Unlike my Weekender)
If you want an overnight bag - I highly recommend this one. Sara's pattern is well written and well photographed. I am not the most experienced sewer - and I had no problems at all.
Thanks Sara - for another great pattern!!


  1. That looks fabulous!!! Love the purple striped interior!

  2. That is a great bag. Love your choice of material - as always!

  3. really nice, I wish I would know my way around with the sewing mashine that well!

  4. Thanks for the side-by-side shot, I have been pimping my Aeroplane pattern and looking for inspiration x

  5. That'sis really a fantastic bag ! Well done !

  6. Great that I came upon this post on your blog! I sewed the 'Weekender Bag' once and I have to admit it was awful: instructions were very complicated (they could be a lot easier! without some weird, impossible to understand stuff) and I sewed it 2/3 days (with a weekly break) because I was so fed up with it after cutting all pieces etc.
    I am consider buying the pattern for 'Aeroplane Bag'and thanks to your post I will probably buy it when I will have some money! Big thank you! :D

    1. You won't regret getting it. It's awesome! And such a fast cut and sew. Let me know when you've finished yours - I'd love to check it out!

  7. Oh and forgot to say, that you picked amazing fabrics for your Aeroplane Bag! They match perfectly, and I really loooove these geometric pattern! <3


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