Thursday 17 April 2014

She's here

Well actually she's been here for a month - I've just been in a foggy haze of sleep deprivation.

Onto the story - On March the 14th the hubby and I went out to test drive a car. It was a hot day and we got home late in the afternoon. I started having contractions - just like every other day. I was quite sore in my back though and got out the hot water bottle to try and relieve the pain. The contractions tapered off and I went to bed at about 10:30pm.
I woke at midnight to go to the toilet and my waters broke. Contractions were instant. Really strong and a minute & a half apart. I called the hospital and they said to have a cup of tea and take my time and come in. I thought great -I'll wake hubby up with a coffee and have a shower. By the time I'd had a shower, the contractions were worse and I just woke hubby and pushed him out the door. We were at the hospital at 1am.
After a while they gave me some gas - which I was sucking on for dear life. Kinda wondering when I'd be able to have an epidural - coz boy I wanted one!!
I heard the midwife say we'll check her after this next contraction and organise an epi. Well the next contraction was too late. She was on her way out. I yelled out that she was coming. They ripped off my pyjamas and she came flying out with 3 pushes. And I hadn't even been examined yet! The time was 2:25am.

Miss Millie Jane weighed in at 3.67kg. The smallest of all my babies.
I couldn't wait to take her home.
We've had a bit of a hard road with feeding every 2 hours round the clock since birth - and finally discovering she has silent reflux. But hopefully we can get it all sorted out soon - and maybe get some sleep.
Love this little girl so much!

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