Sunday 30 September 2007

Day 4

Still sick. But haven't had as many cravings today.

1 outburst - but a pretty good day other than that.

Here's 2 layouts I did with older photos. Ones of me when I was a little tacker!

Happy Sunday ;o)

K xxx

Saturday 29 September 2007

Day 3

And still no smoking.

Saving of $100 today!!

I had no sleep last night. So today I finally went to the chemist and got some cold and flu tablets. Every time I cough my head hurts more. I popped the day ones about 2 hours ago. I feel a little better. My nose isn't running as much and my head is getting a little better. It's so hot today too.

Sorry to be such a whinger!!

Anyway I did this layout today. (I scraplifted Jennifer Pebbles) Her layout is much better. She is such an awesome scrapper. Go check her out here - if you haven't already!! So much eye candy. I love the way she uses colour!!

That's it for me.

K xxx

Friday 28 September 2007

Day 2

So today is not much better. Still can't breathe. Have been coughing all day. Have a very sore throat and a huge headache. I didn't get much sleep last night.
I think I might get some cold and flu tablets tomorrow.
Anyway here's some scrappy stuff I made in the past week. Nothing flash.
Have been in the mood to scrap but nothing comes out. I just sit and look. And then walk away. Feeling so very uncreative. I don't think that's a real word. Is it non-creative? Oh, I don't know.
Either way - there is no creativity happening here!!
Got some recently new stuff here too. In the past 2 weeks I received my JB Kit, prize from Tarisota, my Scarlet lime kit, a replacement parcel from American Crafts and a stamp set from Tarisota.
I think I must have known I was getting cut off!!
Good news- that as of today we have saved $75 by not smoking!!!That's 2 and a half days worth. Imagine what that figure will be in a month!! Or a year!!
Enjoy your weekend. We are coming to the end of the first week of holidays! Can't believe there's only one more term until the christmas holidays. I'm going to try and finish off some chrissy shopping tomorrow. I have a way way way overdue layby to make a payment on. Hope it's still there!! Oops!!
Catch you later -
K xxx

Thursday 27 September 2007

Day one

So today is officially day one of no smoking.
I did start yesterday but when hubby woke up just after lunch he decided that he wasn't ready and bought a packet. So I had a few last night. And started again this morning. I have not had one cigarette today. I feel good about it. But my body feels physically ill. My skin is crawling and I have a cough and it's a bit hard to breathe. My nose has been running all day. Not sure if I am coming down with a cold or it's the toxins leaving my system. Either way - I don't feel very well at all. Cravings have been really bad and I need to figure out a plan for when they happen.
Any tips out there????

I have scrapped a little bit. Trying to use up things that I have been saving. Nothing particularly fabulous. I will post pics - just have to wait for the batteries to charge!

Might try and get an early night. The only time I don't want to smoke is when I am sleeping!!

Hope it gets easier quickly!! I wish I had never started smoking at all!

K xxx

Tuesday 25 September 2007

Cut off!!

In a BIG way!!

We just got hit with some hefty bills- so today my credit cards got cut up (this is my scrappy lifeline) , tomorrow I have to quit smoking ( a saving of $900 a month) and we are getting our Austar disconnected.
And this is week one of the school holidays!
Oh yeah ....I am going to be a happy bunny tomorrow!!
I think the only thing that really hurts is the whole being cut off from spending money on scrappy stuff. What am I gonna do??

I shouldn't complain because I have enough stuff to tide me over for quite a while. And I would much rather pay debts than create them. But scrappy stuff?? None. Ever. Well maybe not ever. Just have to see how it goes I guess.

It feels sucky already. Tried to con darling hubby into just one more kit and I will forfeit christmas and birthday presents. He's not buying it.


Ok I probably really have my priorites all wrong at this very moment. But I am still digesting the game plan.
I give myself a week to have a better and more focused outlook. (coz this week I will probably be a total and complete nut job) The quitting smoking is a really good thing. It just doesn't feel like it yet.

I am so freaking out!!
No I'm not.
Yes I am.
It's happening already!

Going now. I shall be back with some pics. And hopefully in more control of how I am feeling.

Good night!

From the crazy lady formerly know as Kelly!


Thursday 13 September 2007


So I woke up late today - 11:50am. Oops!!
Don't know how I am going to sleep tonight.
After I had a coffee this morning I walked up to check the mail box. There was a little package in there for me. I wasn't expecting anything. So I opened it up. Inside was a cd that I have wanted for ages, that I was actually going to buy yesterday when I stopped at the shops (but they were closed).
I won it from Seafm. Oh yeah!!
I registered a couple of weeks ago when I saw them advertising to win it. And then I forgot about it. Yay!!
I could get totally used to winning stuff!! I may even buy a lotto ticket this weekend (if I can scrounge enough money together to afford it!!)
I just quickly scrapped this page this afternoon.
Maybe even do some more. More constructive than trying to sleep!!
K xxx

Wednesday 12 September 2007


Look what my little man came home with today!! He went to a sports carnival for special children. 26 or 36 schools competed. He was so proud of himself. And I was too.
He was also on the local news tonight too. We taped it.
I had dinner made by 2:30. Clothes in and folded by 4:00. Everything ironed and dinner on the table by 5:30. Did the dishes. Scrapped another page. And now I'm playing my new game - Bioshock. Scares the pants off me. It's a bit hard because I don't play the 360 often so the controls are a bit hard to get used to. I'm having a late one - coz darling hubby is going to take the kids to school so I can have a sleep in. Isn't he such a sweetheart.
Ok - back to my game....
K xxx

What a day

I was up early this morning as Michael had to be at school by 8am. So I ended

up taking Cakey with me and we stopped off and bought a coffee at Gloria Jean. Went to get a cd at Big W - but they don't open until 8:30. So we went and got some petrol. I dropped her off at school - coming from the other direction was weird.

Then I came home and did 3 loads of washing and swept my floor. Then I thought I'd reward myself by doing a bit of scrapping. 3 pages. Yay!! So different too. I am usually a one photo scrapper. But not today!! I think it's the first time that I have 15 photos on a page. Go me!!

I think I'll stop now and go and check my mail box and peel veges for dinner. God I love being this organised!!

Oh, nearly forgot. I pre-rewarded myself last night for my effort today with this. Yum!!

K xxx

Monday 10 September 2007


So what have I done all weekend? On Saturday I can't even remember. But I did pick up Cakey from a birthday party. And on Sunday I dropped her off at another birthday party. And then we went to the shops just for a bit of a look. And hubby bought me some ink for my printer (hooray!!) and a memory stick for my phone (hooray!!). I wonder why I was so lucky?? It's usually the kids getting stuff. We did almost come home with a PS3 but it would have seriously blown the budget - and we don't need one- so we didn't get it!! (Well done - *pat myself on back*) Then we borrowed out 2 movies - 23 and Disturbia.
Disturbia was really good. 23 not so much. But it was good to see Jim Carrey as somebody other than the funny guy!
Then we picked up little Missy at 5pm and had a fairly early night. Tried to anyway.
So I might fall asleep quick tonight. I am so tired.
Got to go back to Holden tomorrow. After servicing my car last Thursday I have discovered that all my automatic stuff is not working since they gave me back the car. (this is the first service they have done for us after trying to diddle us out of a warranty on our other car, and then trying to deceive us in regards to getting services there) so I am really unhappy about it. Unhappy that I spent $400 to get them to wreck my car. And unhappy that I have to waste another day taking it back there. Unhappy I even have to deal with them at all.
I had a bad feeling when I dropped the car in. And I've got a bad feeling about tomorrow.
I'll let you know how I go. I am hoping for proper service and a great attitude. But I sincerely doubt I'll get it.
Wish me luck.
Also I quickly did this layout tonight. I haven't scrapped all weekend and I just had the urge to touch paper tonight - since I can now print photos.
Goodnight -
K xxx

Friday 7 September 2007

Some more

So I ended up leaving the canvas as is. Still afraid to do more.
SO instead I scrapped a layout quickly before I had to get the kids from school. The colours are actually much brighter but I ruined it with the flash!
I've just dropped cakey at a sleepover so it will be a really quiet night tonight - well, except for work!! Friday is usually the busiest!
Have a great weekend!
K xxx


This is what I've done. Opinions please!!
I don't want to keep going and wreck it more.
What am I doing????

I need help

Yesterday I picked up my parcel - which was my Sonora High Collection from Scrap in Style. And I went looking for a protractor and ended up coming home with the Doodlebug stamps. They are so cute I love them. I am such a sucker for Doodlebug and rubber stamps!!!
Anyway this is what I am up to on the clock and I am kinda stuck. I don't know what I should do in the bottom corner. I was going to put some BG flower rubons up the side and add some pink jewels but the rubons wouldn't stick. Then I was going to put some of the little flowers on the left - in a line up the right side but I don't want to poke holes in it - in case it wrecks it.
Please Help! If you have any ideas - please feel free to give some advice. I really need it!!
Thanks in advance -
K xxx

Wednesday 5 September 2007

What are you doing?

I'm working on this tonight. It's going to be a canvas clock for my mum for christmas. Still not sure about the paper choice, but we'll see how we go.
Today was wet again. So I cooked a chocolate cake to have with strawberries and ice cream for dessert tonight.
Has anyone noticed that Making Memories new coloured paints are a bit thicker than the older ones? Or is it just me?
I am covered in paint. I washed the brushes well. I just didn't do myself.
I might give up on the canvas tonight. I don't really have a plan yet and I don't want to wreck it. I might leave it til tomorrow when I'm not so tired.
Speaking of which - I have to get up early. I've got my car booked in for a service. My first service for my car. How exciting. Hope nothing major is wrong. And I hope it comes out feeling new again!!
Have a great night!
K xxx

Tuesday 4 September 2007

Wet again

Today has been wet again. Lucky that I got the washing in before it started. Not so lucky that I already had clothes washing - and they are still sitting in the machine. Here we go again.

So today I made this layout. Another one for the, I mean pizza box!!

And this afternoon I picked up my parcel from Blue Bazaar. So glad I got in on that sale. Most of it was like 50% or more off. Except for the 20 sheets of cardstock. But I really needed to refill my white. It's still running so go check it out. Be quick lots of stuff has already gone!! But today I saw there was still some Love Elsie at 50% off.

Ran around this morning putting money on the christmas laybys. What fun that was. Now I know why I like to shop at one place.

Well, that's it. I made lasagne for dinner and it's almost done. (Don't want to burn it!!!)

Thanks for stopping by -


Monday 3 September 2007

Thank you

Check out what the Fed Ex man broughht me today.
How exciting is that!! Thank you so much Making Memories!!
Awesome stuff. Love it!!
K xxx
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