Friday, 31 May 2013

This week

This week started off with an early birthday present. Her birthday isn't for a few weeks but I just couldn't help myself. She loves it!
And a little present for myself - another Bill book to add to my collection. He is probably my favourite celeb chef. I love his recipes.
Yesterday started off raining and continued into the night.
I was very happy to finish work and get home into my warm and dry bed.
Today, a delivery of some yummy fabrics. Wishing I'd ordered more of the Tsuru navy print. Would've made a pretty dress.

I've got a roast in the oven and thinking of cutting out a shirt. It's a great start to the weekend.
Have a good one, whatever you may be doing,

Kel xxx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Food connect box 4

A little bit different this week. One box with a mix of fruit & veges. Aren't they pretty?
My gorgeous edible rainbow of goodness.
And the extras this week - sweet potatoes, butternut pumpkin, mandarines, eggs and trying a new bread this week, a wholegrain peasant loaf.

Here's this weeks menu. It's getting much colder around here. Using my slow cooker alot this week.

Have a great week,

Kel xxx

Sunday, 26 May 2013

This week

Kind of a dud week. I got nothing done.
But my sweet girl did. She made choc chip cookies. About 60 of them.
And we had to get some work done by Telstra - which meant I had to move my bags out of the way. So they got dumped on my sewing table. And you know what? They are still there. Told ya. Dud week.
But I did receive my new iphone case.
And make an apple & rhubarb crumble. Yum.
This week I need to get a list happening and start getting things done.

What are your plans this week?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Food Connect box 3

It's that time of the week. Delivery day. And look what yummies I got today.
Gorgeous fresh veggies.
Yummy fruit.
And the extras this week. The oh so delicious Pane bread, wholemeal spelt flour and eggs.

So this is the menu I've come up with:
Better get cooking!

Thursday, 16 May 2013


It was cold today. I'm all rugged up in trackpants and a hoodie and slippers - but unfortunately I have to go out and work in the cold tonight. Brrr.
So at lunchtime today I threw some delicious veges into a roasting pan so I could turn it into soup tonight.
And I did a little shopping - I pre ordered Heather Ross's new collection called Briar Rose. How darling is it?
You can see the rest of the collection on her site.
I so want to make that adorable quilt. I just love it!!

My juicer arrived today. So let me know - what are your favourite juice combinations?
I'm keen to try some out!

K xxx

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A good day

This morning I had some leftover slices of bread from last nights dinner, so for breakfast, I toasted them up. Spread some delicious organic tahini over the top and sliced up some beautiful Food Connect Roma tomatoes, and finished with some cracked black pepper. SO delicious and satisfying.
Then I got sent a refund cheque from a bill I overpaid - which means a little fabric spending money.
And my nail polishes came. They are awesome.
Cannot wait to paint my nails tomorrow.

How was your day? What's making you happy?

K xxx

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Food Connect box 2

I picked up my beloved boxes today. In the vege box this week, I got some sugarloaf cabbage, butternut pumpkin, lebanese cucumbers, zucchinis, mushrooms, potato, shallots, broccoli, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce mix and kale.
And in the fruit box, some bananas, red & green apples, kiwifruit, mandarines, oranges, pears and a custard fruit. Not quite sure what to do with a custard fruit. I've never tried one. Any ideas??
And my extras - eggs, a pane loaf (I could eat this bread every day of my life),  1kg of tomatoes and some beetroot.

So here is the menu I have worked out for this week based on what was in my boxes.
 Beetroot & Fetta Bruschetta again this week as it was such a delicious hit with the family last week. Any fruits or veges left over will be going into the juicer for breakfast or lunch. Yum. Can't wait until it arrives.

What's on the menu at your house?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mothers Day 2013

Yesterday I was woken by the smiling faces of my family, along with cuddles and pressies.
And my hubby cooked me some breakfast and then my daughter washed dishes.

Then we headed off to lunch with my mum. She made a delicious roast. It was so good. And my only job for the day was to bring dessert. So on Saturday I made a chocolate mousse cake to take.
It was the perfect ending to the meal.
And I did a little shopping for myself. I ordered a juicer.
 And some pretty nail polishes.

I'm hoping they'll get here this week.

Tomorrow is Food Connect Box delivery day - so I'll be back with a new menu for the week.
See you then,

Kel xxx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Happy Belly

Dinner time has been anything but boring so far with my Food Connect boxes. Here was my menu for the week.
Even lunchtime is really looked forward to - as I've usually got leftovers.

And I even cooked brekky which doesn't happen too often here. And the tomatoes were amazing!!

I'm already planning for my new boxes on Tuesday. Can't wait to get some of that freaking awesome bread again!

So tomorrow (Mothers Day) I'm heading over to my Mums for lunch and I'm taking dessert. So that's on my agenda today.

How about you? Any plans this weekend?
Whatever you do - hope you enjoy it,

Kel xxx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Food Connect box 1

 Yesterday I received my first Food Connect delivery. I had ordered a vege box, a fruit box and some extra goodies: beetroot, pears, yoghurt, eggs and a pane loaf.
It all looked beautiful and I couldn't wait to start making something.
So for dinner last night I decided to use those beautiful beetroots. Along with the salad leaves, and the most delicious bread I have ever tasted, and some fetta.
 First of all I diced up the beetroots and put them in a pan with a splash of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt & pepper. I roasted them until tender. And while they were cooling I sliced up that gorgeous loaf of bread and toasted both sides.
 Then I topped each slice with a handful of salad leaves, the diced beetroot and diced fetta.

It was truly a delicious meal. Which I finished with a spoonful of that scrummy vanilla yoghurt for dessert.
And I'll be having a just as delicious leftover salad for lunch. Yum.
Excited for dinner tonight!

Thanks Food Connect and the farmers - you've got another happy customer!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Juice Box number 3

After finishing the quilt top on Sunday, I noticed that the bottom row had boxes 1/2 an inch smaller than the others. So yesterday I cut a new row to replace it.

I finished the quilt just before dinner, and had it washed and dried before bed.
All ready to pack up and send off today.
 I hope the mama loves it and baby Georgia loves it too.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Quilt top complete

I slowly got there. Finished off the top today.
You can see my little chooky checking it out in the bottom left corner.

So tomorrow - hoping to finish it off and get it in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday. 2 days behind my schedule isn't too bad.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Slow progress

By lunch time today I had 2 rows finished. But anytime I spent a chunk of time on cutting fabric - I get serious pain in my shoulder. So I took a break over lunch.
But ended up cutting into 2 more rows this afternoon. And of course I had to sew them together too.
So as of this afternoon, I have only finished 4 rows. And have another 5 to go. Aiming for 3 tomorrow. And the final 2 on Friday. Then hoping to baste, quilt & bind over the weekend.

Hope you are having a Happy Wednesday,

Kel xxx
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