Friday, 31 January 2014

January - blinked and missed it

Well January saw our first holiday away in 15 years. We were so excited.
It was a disaster from the first minutes. My oldest got sick. We arrived right on midday in 32 degree heat. Which was a bit too much for my pregnant body to handle.
Hubby bought me a portable air con to try and help me cool down. And I spent many hours in the pool but just couldn't get the painful swelling down.
We decided to cut our holiday short and head home on the second night.
It may not have been for long but I treasure every minute we got to spend together. We're already planning our next trip after bubby arrives.

We celebrated hubby's 40th and my littlest going back to school. So this week has been all about the early starts and packing lunches.
I still haven't finished making my nappy bag. Bad girl!! The third trimester is kicking my butt!!
Hoping to get organised in the next week. Get my bag packed for hospital and everything washed and ready to go. Just in case.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Thirty Five

So this is not where I imagined I'd be on my 35th birthday - but I couldn't be happier.
We've wanted another baby for the past 10 years - so to nearly be there is amazing! Although I am struggling in the heat. I've only had winter babies before.
So today - I am spending it in the air con. As I did yesterday.
And enjoying my birthday present from my beautiful hubby (I think he got sick of rubbing my feet)
And my sweet mumma bought me a pregnancy massage - that will be happening on Wednesday. Cannot wait for that!!
This year is going to be amazing. Such big changes. And I'm really looking forward to them all.

Kel xxx

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