Sunday 27 February 2011

Can't believe it's Sunday already

It feels like the weekend has only just started. Need to get my bum into gear and organise my shopping list for the week. Still suffering from an ear infection and I didn't exercise yesterday so I really need to try and do something today. It's hard when you feel sick.
My only scrappy effort this week was using Candy Shoppe. I also put together 40 Christmas Cards. Yay me. Although we'll be moving between now and Christmas so I hope they survive! I wasn't really thinking there.
And a big Happy Birthday to the lovely and talented and super inspiring  Steph Devlin. Hope you have a magical day xxx

And that's it from me. Have a great weekend - what's left of it!

Thursday 24 February 2011

This week

I am enjoying the first week of the 12wbt. Eating better and actually exercising. This salad was requested by my hubs again as he thoroughly enjoyed it. So did I.
I had a weight loss of 2kgs this week- which brings the total so far to 5.1kgs. Got many many more to go. But feeling pretty good so far.
Have a great week.

Monday 21 February 2011

Super happy day

First off - today is Day 1 of the 12wbt. Had a delish brekky of cereal & a banana.  Then spent the morning running around shops to find parsley so I could make my lunch. I had a carrot tabbouli & hummus wrap. With home made hummus. Quite yummy.
Then for afternoon tea I had some toasted banana bread  and a delicious coffee (I was a busy baker on the weekend and made 2 loaves. Sooo goood!!
Now I'm counting done the hours to Zumba. Can't wait for it.
And today was also a fabulous mail day. 2 parcels. Lucky me.
First was my Studio Calico kit. I just got Candy Shoppe this month with a few little extras

And I also got my kit for Jessica &  Heidi's class. Total awesomeness. I spy some Daily Junque yummness

Hopefully I'll get a bit of playtime this week.
Hope you are having a fabulous Monday too!

Saturday 19 February 2011

This week

I have already scrapped a page. Yay me.

And another one.

 I'm thankful for my daughter who takes pics when I'm not around. Love my sweet kids.

I lived through my very first class of Zumba - and liked it! And appreciate that my sweet sweet girl came with me when my friend ditched me.
Have had a good week. The only thing that would have made it better would be if my SC goodies had arrived!!
Maybe next week.

Tomorrow I'm doing my fitness test and shopping for the 12wbt. I picked up a heart rate monitor yesterday and some dvds. So I'm nearly all set to go. Eeek.
Have a fabulous weekend,

Monday 14 February 2011

Using an old kit

So I've had this frame sitting here since before Christmas. Not really sure what I was going to do with it. Back 40 was sitting untouched in my stash - so I pulled it out and put it to use.

I cut up a sheet of Cosmo Pinwheels and traced the inside of the mat.
Then I grabbed the Basic Grey doillies
And roughly layed out where I wanted to put them
Pulled off the backing and stuck it down
And grabbed my JB butterflies - they are so sweet.

Layed them out and stuck them down

And grabbed some MM metal flowers
And stuck them between the butterflies
Carefully applied the mat.
And put it all together in the frame.
It turned out pretty cute. Now I just need to find room to put it!

Friday 11 February 2011

So quick

I'm heading into birthday season again, which lasts until November. So I thought I'd make some cards today. Just some quickie ones from scraps.

I also did a double page using SC's Who's who kit.
So that's my scrappy effort for the week.

Today I signed up to go to Zumba on Monday. I am kinda freaking out. I am really not an exercise person. NOT. AT. ALL.
But since I have signed up for Michelle's 12WBT - I think I should start getting used to it, since I need to be doing it 6 times a week. Oh, my body isn't going to know what hit it.
I need to lose about 25-30 kgs. Will I be able to do it in 12 weeks? - I don't know. But I'm going to give it my best shot.
Anyway -
Have a fabulous weekend. I am hoping to catch up on some sleep that I have severely missed out on this week. And maybe get in a bit of scrapping time. Wish me luck

Saturday 5 February 2011


This week, in no particular order -

In my quest to lose weight  and eat better, I made a quinoa pilaf. It was definitely different and something I probably wouldn't make again. The veges and chicken were good though.
I left the ironing board out one night - and in the morning walked out to feed the cats and found my handsome Dash asleep on it. He wasn't really bothered that I busted him. I had to kick him off. Must be comfy.
And speaking of Dash - he is pretty much my daughters cat. He loves her - but today, he is asleep right next to me. It must have been the chicken bribe I gave him last night.
I ended up moving my hueys to put with all my other spray inks. I think that little gap is going to fill quickly.

And last but not least, I signed up for this class. Cannot wait! I am completely clueless with digital stuff - so I'm hoping that this is just what I need.
So was that random enough?
Have a fabulous weekend-

Tuesday 1 February 2011

They're here!!

I was starting to think that they'd never get here. But suprise!!!
I was so so happy to see this box - because inside it was my January order!

I bought some more JB inks - and my first ever Mister Hueys. They are so cute!!
And they look even cuter in my organiser. Way too cute! They make me smile. Lucky I've ordered some more with my Feb Kit - which hopefully doesn't take as long to get here as this one did.
And I got Who's Who - Book stamp - LOVE!! And that woodgrain paper - DOUBLE LOVE!
I also got Buster Brown - for the delicious Sassafras flowers.
And Dear Abby - for the MM alpha stickers and the love stamp.

I can definitely see some scrapping happening this week for sure!
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