Friday, 24 February 2012

Sweet treats

Over a month ago - woah, that went fast. We celebrated Hubby's birthday. I got busy in the kitchen and made him some Blueberry Gelati
It was delicious but so rich.
And his favourite flavour combination is chocolate & orange, so I made him a flour less dark chocolate & orange cake.
It was so moist and yummy. It was a real hit.

The only thing I'd change next time would be to top it with a dark chocolate ganache instead of the icing sugar.
Might have to try this one out again for Mum's birthday as it's her favourite flavour combination as well.

What's your favourite dessert that you like to make?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Amy Butler Spice Market tote - small

Yesterday I spent the day sewing up another Amy Butler Spice Market tote. This time though I made the smaller one.
It was intended to be a gift for a friend. But after finishing it I decided it's not really her style. Maybe I selected the wrong fabric. Anyway, I love it. So I thought it would be perfect for holding my fabric scraps.
 It fits them nicely with room for more.
And it even fits perfectly in my expedit.
I think it was meant to be.

I may have to make another if I decide to take up crocheting.

Have you sewn anything lately?

Monday, 13 February 2012

Should be

So I should be making a start on the 2 quilts hanging over the chair in the lounge. Instead I am wasting time looking at things I want to make instead. Sometimes I want a quick sewing fix. Something fast that I can complete in a few hours. But it was my stupid idea to complete all the things I've started before I move onto something new.
So hard to drag myself out of bed this morning. I started exercising again over the weekend and I am seriously paying for it today. Everything is sore.
Time to make some morning tea. Maybe that will give me some energy to get my bum into gear.

Have a Happy Monday

Kel xxx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Baking

It has been a long week.
My sweet girl has Home Ec today, so she's providing dinner tonight. All I have to do is make some rice to go with it. She is making a Beef & vege stir fry. So I thought I'd do some baking today.
I'm trying out a peach & raspberry slice. I love peaches and raspberries so I know I'll like it. Hubby on the other hand hates cooked fruit - especially peaches - so I don't think he'll be asking me to make this again.
That's ok - more for me.
I am going to attack my quilt tomorrow and hopefully get it done. Wish me luck!!

And have a fabulous weekend 

Kelly xxx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Calling: All sewers

Ok - I need a little help here.
I started working on a quilt today. I was going along all fine, when I flipped over the quilt to cut some threads and noticed this:
Aaaargh!! Every single row looks like this.
I don't know what to do (besides alot of unpicking!!)
Can someone tell me why this happened? Did I do something wrong??

Please help!

Kel xxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

This and that

This cute little fluff ball looks so sweet and innocent when she's asleep, doesn't she? Not so much when she's awake. She has the loudest voice - and isn't afraid to use it. Over the weekend, my only time to sleep in was interrupted by her, telling me it was time to get up. She truly is the kitty alarm clock!
Lucky I love her so much!!

You'll notice (or maybe not) my blog background is missing, and the font. Had to change the template. Hoping that commenting is now working - and threaded too. I guess I'll soon see.

The air con started gushing out water right next to our new tv on Saturday. Lucky the kids noticed it so I could mop it up before it caused any damage. So it has been stinking hot here!
The electrician came today to fix it. The drain wasn't installed correctly and there were toads living in the pipe, which blocked the water from getting out. Ewww!! But now it's working again - and I can finally enjoy a coffee in the cool. Heaven!

Might even get around to sewing those last 2 quilts...

Have a Happy Monday,

Kelly xxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cartwheels quilt

Hooray. 1 unfinished project down. 2 more to go.

Using a tutorial found here and some Amy Butler Love strip rolls from A Joyful Soul Fabrics, I whipped the front up pretty quickly. Joy even cut the cream strips for me too - which made it even quicker. I only got around to making the back on the weekend, quilted it on Monday and finally bound it today.

So - did you make anything today?

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