Wednesday 19 June 2013

Pants for the birthday girl

It's my littlest's birthday on Monday. And apart from the usual birthday list, she requested some mummy made pants - long & short to wear to bed. Who am I to deny her that - even if it was out of my all time favourite fabric that I've been hoarding since I bought it. Saving it for just the right project.
A really long pair.
And some short ones.

Hope she likes them.
Pattern from here

Kel xxx

Thursday 13 June 2013

A bit random really

So, this week has been all about the caravan. All the boring stuff.
My hubby darling replaced all the lights and the external power outlet.
I put in a new extinguisher.
We put the bed in, and some new carpet. And had to order a custom mattress for it. It's a little firm - but I suppose we'll get used to it. The bed is begging for a scrappy quilt. Just not sure what I want to make yet.
We also got a gas safety certificate - so we're a little closer to getting the van on the road. Yay.

A new menu for the week. The snapper & asparagus salad was delicious!!
Chicken Tandoori wraps are an excellent choice for tonight as I can quickly throw them together before I go to work.
And my fabric arrived today. Hoping to get 2 dresses out of it. Or maybe a dress and a top.

Still nothing happening here sewing wise. But going to try and make my wallet tomorrow. Maybe that will help get me back at the sewing machine a little more regularly.

Have a great weekend.

Kel xxx

Monday 10 June 2013

The past week...

Has been all about the caravan. Cleaning it. Shopping for things for it. Building things.
My awesome hubby came up with the idea to make a box bed to replace the one in the van - so we could have storage under the bed.
I am very impressed!!

Now if you know me - you know I can't go without a coffee everyday. So I picked up a cheap coffee capsule machine for the van.
And some capsules to test out.
Probably should focus more on the serious stuff - like a mattress and a roadworthy. We've got an adapter coming which means we'll be able to plug the van into the house and see what internal things don't work in it. And we need to replace the broken lights on the outside too. Lots to do. I think today we're relaying carpet, and checking out the annexe.

Until I decide what to sew for the van, this is on my sewing list this week.
I'm going to make the dress version - when my fabric arrives. And a new wallet. Mine is falling apart!

So what are your plans for the new week? Anything fun?
Have a good one,

Kel xxx

Monday 3 June 2013

It's official

We are now caravan owners.
Want to see inside?

When you walk in the door, to the left, is the kitchen. Oven, grill and fridge.

 Then round to the left - seating with storage. Cushions are out as I want to recover them. Not sure how to go about the backrest as it seems to be stuck on. And I don't want to pull it off if I can't get it back on.

Then opposite is more seating (cushions off also) and dining table.
Then the bedroom. Also going to replace the mattress.

There is a bit to do before we can go away - but I can't wait to start making it cute. So excited, I almost don't know where to start!

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