Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter

The kids have had a nice day playing.

I quit smoking ...again...yesterday. I am having a bit of a hard time today. I am trying to keep my hands busy - so I made these 2 thank you cards.
I think I might get a start on dinner now.

Hope you have had a wonderful day ;o)
K xxx

K xxx


  1. Happy Easter!

    Yay on quitting smoking!! I know it's hard but you CAN do it!! I speak from experience!!


  2. Good luck on staying busy and staying away from having a smoke. Happy Easter!

  3. pink smarties I must find that egg :)

  4. mm.. yummy stuff! lucky kids :)
    Do you knit? That might help with keeping the hands busy..
    Happy Easter! :)

  5. Kudos to you...keep those hands so busy, you can't smoke! Happy Easter


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