Saturday, 18 October 2008

Happy Saturday

***(designed by Cathy Zielske for Design Your Life at***

So much has gone on this week - work wise. And it's been exhausting.

I stayed up last night and watched Greys and did a layout for class. I think I am a little obsessed with aqua. I've been reaching for it quite often.

Still waiting for my October Calico Kit. Still waiting for my Slice. And still waiting for my Baby Kit to be shipped.

I am not the most patient person in the world - but I guess it will give me time to organise my pics and stuff.

I moved my things around again. I pulled my bench table closer to my main desk so that it is kind of like a U shape. Which means I have everything at arms reach - which I love!!

Gotta go -

Have a fab Saturday. I intend on doing a bit more scrapping ;o)

Kel xxx

Edited to ADD:
Here's my next layout for DYL Class. (design by Cathy Zielske for DYL at BPS)
Now onto the next one....

Just finished this one - my last layout for class this week and it's now just after midnight ;o)
I really like it ;o)

Goodnight xxx


  1. you have some pr4etty awesom layouts there, my girl. Love the "you" layout especially xx

  2. I'm loving your layouts! You're doing a super job . . . keep 'em comin'! ;)

  3. love the pirate LO. The big photo is great :)

  4. Love the Pirate layout: like the really big main picture - works well :)

  5. I just love all your layouts. I have been reaching for aqua lately, too. I think it all started when I met October Afternoon. LOL!

  6. Love the bright pops of colors that you're adding to your layouts, just great!!

  7. I so wanted to take that class. not in the budget now. I love seeing what you are doing. TFS


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