Thursday, 12 March 2009

I sometimes love IKEA

Hubby took me for a drive up to Ikea today and bought me a massive Expedit. He also made me get 5 Lekman boxes too. I only wanted one. But 5 have definately come in handy. 2 contain my stamps and 2 contain my punches. Have pretty much just shoved stuff on there. And still trying to organise things on my desk.

So exhausted.

I'll be leaving the rest until tomorrow.

I am so very happy. It has really given me so much more room than before. And everything will finally have a home.

Now I just need to convince hubby that I need a new chair!!
K xxx


  1. Love it! I got one at Christmas time and it has really helped me organize! Enjoy!

  2. expedit = happy scrapper!! congrats!

  3. That is awesome!! Enjoy the new look of your space!

  4. Your hubby must LOVE you girl, because that's an awesome prize! Congrats on the more space and enjoy!


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