Tuesday, 19 May 2009


So I played a bit more on my silhouette today. I cut out these borders. They are so fun.
I joined up for the unlimited account and spent the arvo getting a ton of new designs. I am completely in love with the borders. Love love love them!!!
K xxx


  1. ooh, love that big open circle border.

    I've been debating on that Slice - I'm just so strapped for space that I have to really make sure it'll earn it's spot - will I use it enough. you do make it look tempting!

  2. Oh Kelly, I'm in love with the circle one, Wow!

  3. how AWESOME is that circle border?! WOW!!

  4. i need to research this silhouette thing. the more i see from it, the more i'm convinced that it's awesome. can't wait to see what else you make with it!


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