Saturday, 28 August 2010

Up late

Since I'm up late for the Studio Calico pre sale, I thought I'd quickly blog.
I've been playing with my silhouette this week. Had to make some bees for a game my dd is making. A bit of cardstock, pp & some glimmermists - and they turned out pretty cute!

I managed to get everything I wanted at presale - and a bit more too!! So I'm pretty happy.
I tried to scrap tonight, but I ran out of ink & the letter stickers I was using. So a quick order at Blue Bazaar - and hopefully I'll be back to it by Tuesday.

Well - I guess I better get to bed before I ramble even more -


  1. those are soooo cute! i'm glad you had a successful shopping trip at sc. ;)

  2. YAY! LOVE that you got everything you wanted at Presale...and LOVE your cute bees! What fun!

  3. Hi Kelly, glad to see that you managed to snag everything at the pre sale. How much does the freight end up costing you? I have looked at Studio Calico but always stop when I think of what postage must be. I notice that they also do wholesale. Mmmm may have to get in touch with them for the classes that we are going to be holding at our new business...... They would be great kits to use.

    Thank you for the nice comments you always leave on my blog.

    xx Leanne


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