Wednesday, 10 August 2011


The mailman pulled into my driveway this morning to bring me a box. Which was not easy to get into as I've packed away all my scissors  - Duh!

So with my trusty old pen I prized open the lid to see a beautifullly wrapped package. What's in there?
A new bag pattern. Eek! So cute. Cannot wait to make it. Although I might have to wait until we move and I'm all set up again.
And I also bought a yard of each of Joels Heirloom fabrics in Citrine. And they are just as pretty as I thought they'd be.
Plus I got a yard of Amy Butler Lotus dots. Love them. (I totally loved the paper version too!)
And some Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Corduroy, which is destined for a cushion. Yum Yum!
And I just wanted to say that the service from Quilt Home has been fabulous. The speed, the price, the packaging. All stellar. Thanks ladies.

Anyone else planning on sewing up a storm?


  1. oh the fabrics. I'm getting ready to dive into a bathroom project, just a shower curtain and regular curtain, straight stitching, but I'm trying to get into sewing again.

  2. Love the fabric, such pretty colors! I am sucker for the Amy Butler dots as well, one of my faves!

  3. Looks like some fun stuff!!!! Great colors and prints!

  4. ohhh...i would so be in trouble if i learned how to sew well:) those fabrics are gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous prints! Can't wait to see your finished bag!

  6. that is one tasty looking package! Have fun with it!

  7. that fabric is so bright and fun!! i wish i knew how to sew...that bag pattern looks awesome!

  8. I love seeing the fun boxes that show up on your doorstep!

  9. those fabrics are gorgeous!!


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