Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What's going on?

In the past couple of weeks - I received some Fabric. Backing & binding for an upcoming quilt.

The chickies got some visitors in the shape of cockatoos.
And the ladies are still giving us an egg each a day - and the eggs are now getting bigger.
This is a before pic of my shelves. Before meaning before my daughter decided to rearrange them.
And the finished shelves. Nice job sweetpea.
I received some more fabric. Amy Butlers Lark. OMG. So totally divine. Love the colour palette. Still waiting on the other piece I ordered.
And I started on a new quilt yesterday. It has given me so many problems. And if you follow my twitter feed, you'd already know that I walked away from my desk, halfway through cutting, to get a cup of tea. And when I got back I picked up the quilting ruler the wrong way and cut all my fabric the wrong length. So now I am short on completing the quilt. I am an idiot!
So not wanting to be beaten, I worked my little tail off and now have a pile of blocks ready to go once I get some more fabric.
It was a very silly mistake that I hope to never repeat!

Hope you have a fabulous week.
I'm back to the kitchen to make some custard. Mmm!


  1. FRESH EGGS!!! My neighbors are chicken farmers and they bring us eggs all the time, they are so much better. You need to send your daughter over to my house lol.

  2. Your girls look like they have a great set up, I have three chickens too but when I let them roam the yard they sometimes get out and wander the street - it's embarressing. Those fabrics are so pretty - can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Awesome job on the shelf she can come help me!

    Those look like good size eggs too - good job chickie!


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