Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Baking

It has been a long week.
My sweet girl has Home Ec today, so she's providing dinner tonight. All I have to do is make some rice to go with it. She is making a Beef & vege stir fry. So I thought I'd do some baking today.
I'm trying out a peach & raspberry slice. I love peaches and raspberries so I know I'll like it. Hubby on the other hand hates cooked fruit - especially peaches - so I don't think he'll be asking me to make this again.
That's ok - more for me.
I am going to attack my quilt tomorrow and hopefully get it done. Wish me luck!!

And have a fabulous weekend 

Kelly xxx


  1. That post is making me hungry! Good luck with finding the time to quilt.

  2. Looks pretty darn yummy!!!!!

  3. Mmmm...I love baked fruit!
    And that looks like a great combination!


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