Friday, 16 March 2012

The view from here

I am at my desk today. Totally procrastinating. Have got absolutely nothing done. So many things I want to do - yet haven't started any of them.
As I sit here - this is what I see:
Directly in front of my table is Violet on the ironing board. I so need to clean my iron. What do you use to get sticky glue off??
Then to my right is Dash. Asleep on top of the cat scratching post. He'll stay there until dinner time.
And on my desk, a few fabrics I pulled out to make a bag. Have I started cutting them? Nope. Not even close.

Finding it really hard to get motivated. Maybe if I make little goals - then something will get done.
At least I've done the washing ;o)

Have a Happy Weekend


  1. Your cats looked so relaxed :)

    I know that I totally feel overwhelmed by all the projects I could be working on lately. So I find it easier to just surf the net and blog read!

  2. You know what, just let it go. Don't force yourself to create until you actually want to. Everyone goes through a funk now and again. Sheesh, I took 2 months off from my sewing machine not too long ago. It was so nice! Just give yourself permission to take a break. Then you'll be dying to get back to it :-)


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