Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scientific Seamstress Easy Fit Pants

I've been sick for the past week but needed a little sewing pick me up. Something that I could complete in a couple of hours with not alot of fuss. Scientific Seamstress Easy Fit Pants was it!
I pick up the flannelette last week from Spotlight. I whipped it up in a couple of hours. Doing a little bit here & there. Finished them at 5:05pm and realised my elastic was too wide. Did a quick dash to Spotlight and made it with 5 minutes to find what I needed.
Luckily I found some and got them finished.
I have never made clothes before - except for in high school I made a t-shirt, overalls and a lingerie set.
Now I really want to to make a dress.
That is of course after I finish everyone elses jammie pants - which I know I won't be up to today.
I bought the pattern here. Instant download - now that is my kind of shopping!


  1. Now they look comfy! Glad you managed to get what you needed in Spotlight. I struggle in my local branch!

    1. It's a bit hit & miss sometimes. Yesterday just must of been my lucky day! I'm going to wear them to bed tonight. If they are super comfy I'll definitely be making a couple more xxx

  2. Oh those do look cozy! Hopefully you get feeling better soon Kelly! :-)


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