Friday, 7 September 2012

Little progress

I have got fabric piling up over my dining chairs. From the left is my Queen backing - I have the front & the batting - I just can't baste it on my own. It's massive. I'm intimidated.
Then in the centre is the fabric for two skirts - not even halfway cut out yet.
Then on the right is 2 dresses and a top. Only the denim has been cut out for them all.
And I have a pair of little boy pants that truly need to be made. Haven't gone anywhere near that fabric yet.
So my plan today is to just get everything cut out - and out of my dining room, so that at least when I have the time to sew, I can just do it.
Wish I had some little helper elves ;o)

Oh and hubby has told me I have to get rid of my scrapping stuff. Of which I have a ton. So check back - I may have something you'd be interested in. Lots of SC kits & stamps & punches and bits.

Have a fabulous Friday.

K xxx


  1. Um wow! Really?? Get rid of it? So sorry to hear this for you, but I'd definitely be interested in buying some of your stamps and kits for my dd who's just startng to scrapbook - and she can't have mine ;)!

  2. what? no! don't get rid of it.. ! are you sure??? :D and please don't be intimidated, you're awesome with sewing projects, I'm sure you can DO IT!! can't wait!

  3. Why do you have to get rid of it? Have you given up on scrapping? Kind of sad. Fabrics and described projects look wonderful.

    1. I'm taking up too much room in our house - and my scrapping stuff takes up the most space. I have rarely scrapped once in the past year. Hopefully I can keep a few things though. I'd die if I had to do without it all!!

  4. GASP get rid of NOOO Underbed boxes GIRL!!! FYI that is some pretty fabric :)


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