Monday, 1 July 2013


The past 2 weeks have been busy doing this and that.
Trying to keep warm as it's been really cold
Breaking out the juicer and finally using it - a favourite being celery & apple.
Buying patterns. I just love Lizzy House.
Celebrating birthdays of my two favourite people in the world.
Getting the caravan registered and ready for holidays - although just not yet.
Working out in the wet & cold.
A trip to the movies. (Loved it!)
 Got a week left of holidays before it's back to school for the kids. 
Hoping to get back to some sewing next week.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. We've had birthday's, Prom and Graduations :)

    Love the kitty pic and juice looks yummy!

  2. yay for juicing!! although i can't seem to swallow celery done that way. LOL. we watched WWZ as well.. LOVED it!

    1. I have my moments too - I think the trick is to make sure there is more apple than celery!

  3. We are finally having some summer weather, spent today out on the boat! That juice looks so tasty!

    1. Summer sounds so good right about now!


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