Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Another week

 Remember when I made this dress? Well, my girl finally wore it.
 It made me so happy! And I'm so glad it still fits - it was a while ago!

We had a good weekend. Quiet - with an engagement party on Saturday for my nephew. So happy for them.

Then Sunday was Fathers Day. So I made my wonderful, perfect hubby some homemade chocolate mousse. It's his favourite besides the orange cake I make.
Unfortunately there's no camping this week. But my littlest started a new job today. Early! I hope she has a really good day. Can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon. So excited for her.

What's new in your world this week?

K xxx


  1. The dress is GORGEOUS and the mousse looks yummy!!

  2. Cute, what is the fabric? It looks lovely and drapey :)

    1. It's Art Gallery's Boucherouite in Blush by Sarah Watson from her Luxe in Bloom collection. It's a quilting cotton - but feels lovely for clothes.

  3. Love that dress! Looks like something I got in my one (and only) stitch fix box :).


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