Monday, 26 November 2007

Just not going right!!

I got my sewing machine today...Hooray!!

I went to Spotlight to get some thread.

And have been trying all afternoon to get the damn machine threaded and working.
And it's just not happening!!

I need my mum!!
She's got to go to work now so she is going to drop around tomorrow afternoon between shifts and come and sort it out for me.

I am so bummed.
I mean I only have a couple of days before it's time to put the tree up - and I wanted to make all my decorations before then.

I hope she can fix it for me. Knowing me and how totally inept with sewing I am - it's probably something so simple.

I hope so!!

K xxx

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  1. LOL kel...that's why i love have my step-mum around. not only is she a lovely lady but she is a very dapt hand at sewing and all things crafty.
    her and my dad are on there way up here for a visit as i speak so i am taking full use of her talents in the lead up to christmas.
    good luck with your machine and always is something so simple
    have a great wednesday xxoo


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