Thursday, 27 December 2007

How was yours?

We had a good day.
Well, as good as you can have after 2 and a half hours sleep.
It took so long to put the games table together. And it didn't help, when I opened the screw packet I bent half my thumb nail completely backwards. Ouch. Try using an allen key with only four fingers. It's a very slow process!!
The kids loved what they got. Michael loved his digital camera the best.
And Caitlin loved her tv/dvd the best.
We had a bbq brekky at 6:30 with the neighbours.
Then I cleaned up and got lunch ready. There was so much food - my fridge is still full.
Mum stayed for a while, which was good.
I didn't get to bed until after midnight. And I still haven't caught up on sleep yet.
I got to scrap today. Yay.
I'm waiting on 3 parcels so I hope at least one arrives tomorrow for the weekend!!
Countdown begins again - 9 sleeps till my birthday!!
I never usually get a card or cake, so I have given subtle hints to hubby (ok, more like a sledgehammer) that I will be expecting both this year!!
Well that's it for me ~
K xxx


  1. I hope you get to catch up on your sleep soon :O)
    The layout looks fab - you were so speedy getting that done, I really must get some of my Christmas pics printed so I can get scrapping.

  2. wow are fast in scrapping your chrissy pics....amazing LO too the way.
    so glad that your mum joined you for christmas...hope she is on the mend and does the right thing to get that awful man out of her life.
    sorry we didn't get to catch up...2008 will be the year that we WILL meet darls.
    take care and we will talk soon xxoo


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