Friday, 8 August 2008

My parcel arrived

I am in AC Heaven.
I love the tinsel thickers (I could only get black) and I love the puffy Chit Chat thickers (so fun). They are all so cute. There is no way I could pick a favourite!!
And I love the Christmas line of so so cute.
Feeling really inspired to scrap now (except I don't have any pics). I suppose I could pre make my christmas pages and just leave space for the pics...okay, maybe not.
I got home this afternoon and opened my email. And to my suprise, there was an email from Seriously Scrapbooks to say that I won their blog competition!! How amazing is that! Totally shocked. Thanks so much Cathy!!
I am off to try and find room for my stuff. Wish me luck!!
Have a great weekend ;o)
K xxx


  1. Gosh they all look so good. Have fun. Congrats on your win. ;)

  2. [wiping drool].
    WHOA. that is *a LOT* of Happy Scrappies!
    have fun ... those chit chat alpha's are my FAVE.

  3. that is quite a package of happy stuff :) enjoy!

  4. I love it!!!! I am in heaven with you :). I wanted one set of thickers but everywhere wanted to charge $5.00 for shipping which is more than what I was buying. So I passed until I can get a big order together.

  5. Whoo hoo!!! I am comin to your house!!! Have fun!!

  6. Look at all those Thickers - I love Thickers and really need to update my collection LOL

  7. WOW! You are in AC heaven. Love all the Thickers! Can I come over and play? LOL!

  8. look at all of theat AC goodness!! have fun with your new stuff!!

  9. heeh that's a great thing to come in the mail. YEAH!

  10. Christmas cards...already? Wow, I am so behind!


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