Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Up Late

Well it's not that late....but I should be in bed already. Got an early morning tomorrow.

But hubby is at work & the kids are I thought I'd make some cards.

One for my neice to be.

And a chrissy card.

I'm not that fond of either - but there you go.

I was just browsing the web the other day and I spotted some new design cards for the Slice. So I swapped my order to include Fa La La. So cute. Really wish it would hurry up and ship. I can already picture those cute little reindeer on my christmas cards. Come on Making Memories!!! I need it!

Cathy Z's class is tomorrow. Not sure whether it will be online in an hour and a half. Or will it be my afternoon. Guess I'll have to wait & see. Looking forward to it though. Got my cardstock today - so I am all set.

Off to bed now -


K xxx


  1. Those cards are WAY cute, I especially love the baby one! :))

  2. I love both of your cards. Very creative! Enjoy Cathy's class. I bet it will be a blast!

  3. Love that baby card, so cute!!

  4. I love your blog- and hope you can read my Oct 1 blog entry...
    spread the word - find a cure!
    tj from Kirkland

  5. that baby card is really adorable!!!

  6. Love your cards!! So very cute!!
    I hope you enjoy the class! It sounds awesome!


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