Monday, 16 August 2010

Something to share & a giveaway

So finally I have something to share. I've had my little doilies lying on my scrap table, being shuffled around as I work on other things for quite a few weeks now. Patiently waiting for a home.
Well, last night I gave them one. I had planned on using my 7 gypsies tray since the beginning when I first started them. I stuck them all in while I was watching Offspring last night. And I love my little collection. Nowhere near as impressive as Christine's, but I love them all the same.

Ok, so onto the giveaway.
Tamar has got a fabulous giveaway over here. Go check it out!!

Off to recover some drawers -


  1. I love it!! Love the colors you used!

  2. Hi Kelly :) Just jumped over from SC. LOOOVE the what you made, it looks amazing!

  3. so adorable! what a perfect use for those gorgeous doilies ;)

  4. Love those doilies and the display is fab!

  5. wow, your doily project looks awesome!!

  6. Love what you did with that painter's tray!

  7. Kelly, hey beautiful. How are you ??? Aren't you a talented bunny this is gorgeous !!!!! I love the colors and what you did with the doilies is wonderful. Hmmmmm. Such inspiration. Would be a fantastic class to teach. Just popped over to say hello, and check out your gorgeous work. Hope you are well and h appy.Steph xo


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