Thursday, 28 October 2010

2011 planner

The other day I signed up to this class and decided that since I had some time today - I'd start printing out everything and put it together.

I still need to embellish the cover...

And get some bigger binding rings (Mine were just a smidge too small)

I used pumice stone  & tumbled glass inks on HO3 papers.

I love how it came out. So cute! Can't wait to use it.


  1. that is looking good!! i'm never good with keeping an organizer like that. i must try it one day!

  2. I love what you made! I would love to have something like that!!

  3. How I wish I can take that class! As much as I love lists and planners, there's nothing much in my life to plan since life just revolves around work. Sad reality of life.

    But your planner looks really fun!!

  4. Wow, Kelly - your planner looks amazing! I really love how you made your dividers!

  5. Love me some planners! Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out! Looks great thus far! :)


  6. Well you are a clever little Thermomix owner...would love to see an embellished Thermie!
    Lovely site. :)


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