Saturday, 5 February 2011


This week, in no particular order -

In my quest to lose weight  and eat better, I made a quinoa pilaf. It was definitely different and something I probably wouldn't make again. The veges and chicken were good though.
I left the ironing board out one night - and in the morning walked out to feed the cats and found my handsome Dash asleep on it. He wasn't really bothered that I busted him. I had to kick him off. Must be comfy.
And speaking of Dash - he is pretty much my daughters cat. He loves her - but today, he is asleep right next to me. It must have been the chicken bribe I gave him last night.
I ended up moving my hueys to put with all my other spray inks. I think that little gap is going to fill quickly.

And last but not least, I signed up for this class. Cannot wait! I am completely clueless with digital stuff - so I'm hoping that this is just what I need.
So was that random enough?
Have a fabulous weekend-


Thank you so much for coming to visit me and taking the time to leave me a message. Have a beautiful day xxx

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