Saturday, 23 July 2011

In pictures

Over the last week  - in between quilting and bedrest, and getting lost for hours looking at sewing blogs - I received my pre order of Smash goodies. And I haven't even opened them yet. Which is probably due to the state of my room. I'm in the half packed, sorting, purging state. And it's all mess.

Some of which you can see around my computer in the next pic.
I also updated to Lion. It took ages.
And made my computer do this. But after a restart - it all appears normal again. Thankfully
And I managed a little baking - crunchy topped muffins. I made the base mix, split it in half and did half raspberry and the other half apple & cinnamon. They were both yum.

I also took a trip to spotlight and got the other things that I needed for my pincushion. I may try and get it done today. I don't imagine that it would take too long.
Off to my mums tomorrow for a roast lunch. Can't wait.

Have a Happy Weekend,

Just popped in to say I finished my little Ellie. I stuffed up a bit - it was quite fiddly. I think I should stick to quilts! 


  1. Kelly, who did you pre-order from? Oh, how is Lion working for you? Thinking of getting it, but not quite sure how good it'll be..

  2. Hi Kate -
    I pre ordered from
    I love Lion. Still getting used to things though.

  3. OMGosh I think your little Ellie is so so SO cute!! I am new to sewing and a huge admirer of quilting (would love to learn someday) - and the muffins look positively yummy!! :)

    Sadly, my scrappy area is MUCH more messy (really a disaster) and now that CHA is over and we are home from vacation, I need to focus on getting that in order asap! LOL Enjoy your new Smash goodies!! :)


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