Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sewing Saturday

Today I toddled off for another sewing class with Amy. We made a cushion. And I used the beautiful Amy Butler corduroy I got last week. It is so soft and yummy. I could just imagine a lovely soft quilt made with it.
Anyway - I just walked through the door and my sweet girl claimed it for herself. Just lucky I have enough material to make another one.
Now I've got itchy fingers to make something else - but I really should get packing. There is so much to do. And really I'd rather be scrapping or sewing.
Oh well - I can do that next week.
6 sleeps to go.
If I don't pop in before then - see you in a week or 2,


  1. I feel the same way:)
    Love your pillow.

    I'm sitting at a bust of a garage sale and not a person here yet. Good thing the internet works in the garage!

  2. amy butler makes corduroy?! you just made me very happy! ;o) what a gorgeous pillow!!

  3. This is beautiful, Kelly! Wow!


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