Thursday 27 October 2011

Really incredible

I got the movies back yesterday afternoon before I picked the kids up from school. I couldn't wait to get home and stick them in the dvd player.
They were fantastic. And look how little my baby girl was. I totally burst into tears. I miss those little people.
I pulled out my scrapbooks and there is absolutely no pages for the whole of 2000. I think that was when I didn't own a camera. Shocking!!
So I'm going to see if we can pull some pics off of the footage. I don't think they'll be very good quality.
But some is much better than none!
These movies are absolutely priceless. I only wish I'd been smart enough to tape more.
Feeling so very grateful that I have a little slice of our history. And it makes me more determined to start scrapping again.
Have a Happy week -


  1. Hah, so I thought I'd be good and read your blogs in order and I just posted about how I hope the guy does a good job converting your tapes and it looks like he did! So glad for you... those memories are so precious.

  2. Good for you! I've never taped much but I bet it's fun to watch!


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