Friday, 30 November 2012

Getting things done

 Getting presents wrapped today. Some of them anyway. I made a little envelope to stash some cash for my boy. And who can you see in the background?

My sweet little Miss. She's trying to keep cool. So hot here today. So glad we got our outdoor area finished yesterday.
 We picked up our new table. It seats 10 so now I don't have to worry about where everyone is going to fit on Christmas day.
 Then yesterday we planted a few flowers and covered everywhere with chip bark.

 It feels so much nicer out there.

And we covered it all with a tarp. So rain, hail or shine - we can have Christmas outside. (We had to fence off my vege patch as the lady from down the road neglects her chicken so it came and destroyed my veges twice. Not again Chicken!)
The only thing left to do is to put up the fairy lights. We'll do that this weekend.
I am so excited to put the Christmas tree up tomorrow. I can't wait!
Bring on December!!


  1. Kelly you have been super busy. Your outdoor area looks great! What a lovely outlook you have.

  2. Wow Kelly you have done an awesome job. I love what you have done to it.

  3. It looks great! It's starting to get cold here, I like seeing somewhere that's green!

  4. wow - everything looks great! being from colorado, i can't imagine having christmas outdoors, but in that space, I think i'd love it! ;)

  5. Kelly that is so lovely! I love the idea of having christmas outside under fairy lights. Beautiful job! :-)


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