Sunday, 10 February 2013

Another week gone

Another week has flown by. I really need to get my rhythm back. So much to do.
Anyway - on Thursday I spent the morning hunting down some particular items for a project.
Need to get moving on it this week.

And yesterday I had a sick little kitty. She pretty much stayed on her pouf all day.
She seems a lot better today thankfully.

I had some browning bananas on the bench - so I made some banana bread.

And my pyjama pants fit. So comfy. (I'm wearing pants by me and slippers by my nan)
And last but not least - finally ordered our bed this week. Our bed broke in November - so I've been sleeping on the mattress - which is not very comfortable at all. But I have ordered an awesome bed. And it should be here by the end of February. Cannot wait to get a fabulous sleep! It's been a while.
And I'm excited to pull out my quilt for it. That reminds me - I better get to work on some pillowcases too!
Have a happy week!

K xxx


  1. Oh, a new bed! How exciting! And I feel so sad for your poor kitty. She looks so miserable! But I love her pouf! I need to make one for my little dog. What pattern is that??

    1. Hey Lu - it's the Amy Butler Honeybun Pouf

  2. First, that bed is way cool! Second, I put my brown bananas in the freezer then thaw them for banana bread. It makes it super moist! :)


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