Thursday, 28 March 2013

A crazy week

So last Saturday I went to a Thermomix Easter class and it was fabulous. It has totally inspired me to make my own hot cross buns again this year.
Then Sunday we had Easter a week early as my Mum was due to go into hospital on Tuesday and we didn't know when she'd be out. I made pizzas for lunch and a raspberry & pistachio cake for dessert.
Tuesday I was up at 5am to take her to hospital after only getting an hours sleep.
Then up to hospital yesterday to visit her. I had a bit of a panic attack & nearly passed out. I think it was partly due to having a cold and also seeing my mum hurting. She was diagnosed with Cancer in January and is only beginning her treatment this week. It's going to be a long road - but one that I'll be there beside her for.
Everyone is out doing something today - work, school, I thought I'd start on making bubby's quilt. Hoping the mama likes it.
I picked my fabrics and started cutting. Halfway through I noticed my blade is really dull.
So I've stopped for now. Kicking myself that I don't have another one laying around here.
Better try and get one today or else I'll have to wait until Saturday. And that won't be fun at all.
My car died this morning. So I have to use the work car to go pick up the kids from work & school. Then drop one at shopping and then head back up to the hospital to get Mum and then back to pick up the kidlet.
And make dinner somewhere in there - and I mustn't forget the milk.
Just feeling exhausted. Can't shake this cold. So I am really looking forward to the long weekend!

Happy Easter. Hopefully I'll be back next week with a quilt. (Crossing fingers)

Kel xxx


  1. Ooohhh that cakes looks sooo yummie!!
    Can't wait to see that quilt finished!

  2. I've been playing around with the idea of making a little toddler sized quilt. My MIL is an amazing quilter, she makes the most jaw-dropping designs. So I'm a little bit intimidated, but I still think I may try it.


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