Sunday, 11 August 2013

Where's wally?

For over a month now, I've been sick. And had no desire to do anything creative - which I think made me feel worse.
Still not 100% yet - but I did manage to bake a little banana bread yesterday. That felt like a really big achievement.
What else? Hubby bought me a Roomba vacuuming robot. Verdict - awesome!!
My sister got a new puppy - so my darling daughter went to puppysit for a couple of days.
I got a delivery of the most adorable fabric ever - but haven't attempted to sew anything yet.
And still happily juicing away.
Hopefully this is the start of feeling better. And getting back to feeling myself again.

Kel xxx


  1. Hope you're feeling like your normal self soon! :)

    Btw, that puppy is too cute ;)
    xoxo Sandra

  2. best wishes on getting back to feeling 100%!

  3. So glad you're on the mend!! Hope you start feeling well enough to start creating again! Hugs!


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