Sunday 9 February 2014

My sister said it best....

"you look like you are going to explode" - and well that's exactly how I'm feeling right about now.  34 weeks and 3 days today. Cannot wait for this little girl to arrive.
In the meantime, I've been buying a few more clothes.
Which of course means more washing. 

And I finally picked up her first album. This wasn't the one I wanted but it was the only pink one I could get at Spotlight.

We had a scan this week and everything is going well. She weighs about 2.5kg. If that means she's on track to weigh 3.5kg at birth, then I am a happy camper!
If only these last weeks would move a little quicker!

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  1. Ooh so even closer by now - wishing you all the best!


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