Sunday, 24 June 2007

Happy Birthday my baby

Just a couple of pages I did last night. Nothing super spectacular but at leat I got them scrapped. Old pics when my babies were little.
This one is not so little anymore.
My beautiful Cakey girl. 9 today.
Big difference between age 1 and age 9 - don't you think.
This little girl is so amazing. She is intelligent, thoughtful sensitive, kind and just everything to me.
I love her with all my heart and soul.
She is my little mate.
Happy Birthday Sweet heart!

(poor scratches on her face - she had an accident with the carpet and her chest of drawers the other night)
Talk about bad timing. And then tonight her tooth fell out right before we cut her Bratz ice cream cake! (and yes we are crazy having ice cream cake in winter!!)
But she had a good day. She's having her best friend sleepover tonight. She got lots of beautiful presents.

Can't wait to scrap the pics from today. Lots of nice ones. Just wish I knew how to photoshop those scratches away!!

Kelly xxx

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  1. your pages are just great...and I love the sweet pic of your birthday girl..the scratches are what make it real!!


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