Thursday, 28 June 2007

Happy Birthday my boy!

Michael came home from camp to extra presents (suprise) and a shrek 3 ice cream cake (another suprise) filled with his favourite ice cream - peppermint choc chip (excellent suprise).

So I think he has had a great day.

Now we are all just hanging for tomorrow night when we can stay up late and sleep in. Woohoo!

And I have to admit that I have been missing my babies like crazy! And also have to admit that they have had a really great time. And I might do it again.

They are off tomorrow to see Shrek3 at the movies with 100 other kids. It will be an experience as they have only ever been with mum and dad.

I still cannot believe I am now the mother of an 11 year old. It feels like yesterday that I held him in my arms. So small (not normal small - he was 10pounds 2 ounces) but not compared to his sister who weighed 10 pounds 8 ounces. You know what I mean. My first born. My precious little cutie pie. And now he has bigger feet than me. He is almost taller than me. And he is nearly off to high school. Oh my god!!

It all happens in a blink!!

K xxx


  1. ahhh. happy birthday to your little one. he is now a tween.

  2. How cute is that birthday cake - I loove the swamp!! Such a happy birthday pic too,
    Have a lovely weekend,


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