Saturday, 9 February 2008

A bit of scrapping...

I haven't really been scrapping alot lately. Lack of mojo.

Everything I do seems to be coming out wrong.

So I printed out a pic from yesterday and went to it! Very simple.....but that is my style...and I like it.

This little baby is going to be shipping to me very soon. I can't wait. So so cute. Finally took the plunge and ordered one tonight. I wanted to get one in case they sold out - which I reckon they will!! Way too cute!

In other news - I got my hair chopped off and dyed's short and almost black.
It's not exactly what I wanted and I don't recognise myself. But I'm hoping that it's only because they blow dried it...and I hate boofy hair. My head is fat enough as it is. I don't need fat hair too!

Survivor finale tonight ~

K xxx

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