Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Valentine stuff

This was the little pouch I made...

And this is what I put in it...

The most beautiful ring.....

That has our names hand stamped on it!

I got it from here.

I love it. And of course I gave it to my hubby early (coz I just couldn't help it).

I love Valentines day...even if I am a week early!!

K xxx


  1. i LOVE it...the link won't work to show me where you got it...i need to get one....can you send me the link...and look at you all early, you're giving all us other last minute ladies a bad name! :)

  2. wow that ring is awesome. Bet he loved it.

  3. So loving that ring. I would get one for my man if I were not single. Great job


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