Thursday, 15 January 2009

Meet Violet

We bought this tiny little sweetheart home this morning. Dash doesn't like her at all. I hope they get better by tomorrow.
Any tips on how to help them get along ??

K xxx


  1. We have experience with this, and got some really great advise the first time we introduced a new cat. Put the new cat in a room for a week with the door closed - I know that sounds like a long time, but just trust me on this. Let her out a couple times a day to socialize (usually a pretty loud and tense process at first) and then put her away. Go and visit her frequently, but do not let other cats near her except when she comes out of the room. As the week goes by, the socializing becomes longer and longer, and hopefully less agressive sounding. Then, give it time. But, if you leave the house, new kitty has to be put in it's safe room probably for a month or so. The cats will smell under the door, even possible play bat the paw under the door. We've never had this fail us, and the man who taught us was someone with more cats than most sane people want around. Really, the biggest thing is time and allowing all cats to feel safe from one another most of the time.

    Good luck with this - it will work out, it just takes time.

  2. Adding more because I just realized how young Dash is - should take significantly less time to get them to be friends when they are both so young. Still give them each a safe place for most of the day at least for the first week - with Dash getting full run of most of the house and Violet being the one confined to smaller space. They'll be fine before you know it!

  3. So cute!! I love Tabbys!! Sorry I have no advice..I am just a cat lover, not an owner..Good Luck and enjoy her!

  4. i have NO idea what to tell you Kelly, but that is one adorable kitty!! =)

  5. No advice, but she sure is cute! Good luck!

  6. I was going to give you the same advice as Susan Beth. A safe room with a closed door for the new kitty. It allows the current kitty to have their "territory" and sniffing under the door really does help. Good luck - it sounds like its going better already!


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