Saturday, 17 January 2009


After a few tense days, things are looking better. They are friendlier, sort of. I can't really tell if it is fighting or just really rough play. They sometimes sleep together...and it is just precious.
Violet is teaching Dash how to be a more "people" cat. And she swans around him and taunts him into chasing her. They are just adorable and I really hope they become best mates.
Violet is really vocal to get what she wants. And now Dash is doing the same thing.
Hopefully after they both get desexed, they will settle down a bit.
I just absolutely adore them both. Even hubby is smitten....and he's a dog person!!
K xxx
(Sorry the pics are blurry - iphone ones!)


  1. such a pretty kitty, happy belated birthday by the way :)


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