Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My little cutie pies

I had to quickly whip up some cards yesterday. Not bad for under 10 minutes!!

The kitties got desexed last Monday. Little Violet gets her stitches out on Thursday. Poor thing has had to wear an Elizabethan collar that is almost bigger than her.
Dash developed an abcess where he had his vaccinations so he is on antibiotics as he has been really crook. Now that the medicine is in his system he is starting to bounce back.
I had a little bit of a splurge and ordered some of the new thickers from AMLT. Cannot wait to get them. Yummo!!
And spent the last of my scrapping budget on a doodlebug tote and some adhesive & stickers from SB.com
Very excited for it to arrive.
Don't forget that you still have time to post on the giveaway below.
Have a happy day ;o)
K xxx


  1. omg! Those are seriously 100% the most adorable kitty pictures I've ever ever seen! And I love those cards; that is my favorite size for cards!

  2. A stinking dorable kitties! And cute cards! :)

  3. Your kitties are precious!! Doodlebug tote?? Where have I been?? I've got to check that out!

  4. Oh my word--your kittens are just too cute. My daughter is allergic and I'm so sad...I'd love to have a littly kitty to snuggle.

  5. cute kitties and cards.

  6. hope your babies feel better soon and that picture of your black and white kitty is a HOOT! It so looks like you caught (him/her) in the act. What a grea tpicture!


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