Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Thicker crazy

I received my packages today. Oh yum!!

17 delicious packets of thickers. I adore thickers!! I love the "Lullaby" and "patchwork" ones. And the "Umbrella" have tiny little polka dots on them. They are way too cute!!
Cannot wait to use them. There are so many letters in the "Rockabye"
I was a little disappointed with the doodlebug tote. It is really small. I certainly don't think it's big enough to take to a crop. But it will make a cute handbag!!
I am pretty happy with my purchases.
What are you buying lately?? Link me up ;o)
Kel xxx


  1. I am on a budget but I have managed to purchase few essentials like new tattered rose distress ink, some stamps and new art therapy book

    I am sooooo jealous of all those thickers :)


  2. I did get 4 packs of thickers recently, love the rainboots ones! Wow, girl you have enough to last you forever! If I run out I know who to call!

  3. Ooooh la la, look at all that Thicker goodness! Have fun!

  4. Holy mackerel! That's a lot of thickers! Enjoy!

    Me, I've just been pickin' up a few new pieces here and there - mostly some new Jenni B.

  5. look at all the gorgeous thickers! i have to get my hands on some of those!

  6. You lucky girl getting your hands on those yummy Thickers!!!!
    Have fun laying!

  7. ooooh your goodies look so yummy! I haven't bought anything lately..been trying to save my pennies. But hopefully soon I can go on a little shopping spree. hee!

  8. Wow! That is a lot of thickers! No purchases for me, unfortunately. At least I have my SC sub!!

  9. you are one lucky chick to get those Thickers! I love Thickers too!


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