Thursday, 3 March 2011

Right now

I am still eating healthy - almost 100% perfect, but I slipped up last night and had a piece and a half of pizza, half a cup of soft drink and a piece of chocolate. Major OOPS!!
Will absolutely not happen again.
Started today with a yummy brekky. Off to train soon.

Dreaming of holidays. Planning an adventure in July. Keeping it secret from the kids. Hoping that we make it happen this time.

Feeling the urge to create something today. Training first, playing later.

We suprised the kids last night. We bought them Macbooks each. It was so hard not to tell them on the way home from school. I set them up in their rooms, ready to go. And when we got home I told them to put their bags in their rooms. DD noticed first. She almost squealed the house down. DS didn't notice until the second time he went into his room. They were a hit. The kids are absolutely stoked!!
Now we need to find some nice covers for them. Can anyone link me up?

Anyway - have a happy rest of the week,


  1. that looks delicious! and that was one heck of a surprise for the kids - how fun!


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