Thursday, 23 June 2011

Party plans

Whipped up a card for my sweet girl today. It's her birthday tomorrow. It feels like it's come up so fast and I'm sort of in a mad scramble to get everything done. I've got a to do list a mile long....and it's only getting longer.
I ordered some ring shells to make the girls personalised rings to put in their loot bags. It's turning into a bit of a disaster.

They started off ok but by the time the glaze dried on top you could barely make out the letter. So I'm redoing them in black. It's a last ditch effort. I might have to bin them if the don't turn out. I'm getting over them quickly.
Well - I better get back to it. Got a house to clean and cakes to bake.

Have a Happy Thursday


  1. I hope your rings turn out, that is such a cute idea. Might have to remember that one for my daughter's birthday party, hmmmm.
    I love the card, the PP paper is perfect!!

  2. those rings are adorable. Cute card, too.


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