Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Quilt 2 - Done

I've been sick the past couple of days - but while my head wasn't so fuzzy today, I finished off my second quilt.
And back -
I really love this one too.
On my sewing list next - a pincushion and a bag.
I think I might need to go fabric shopping again....


  1. LOVE it! Great fabric choices and seriously...? What is better than finishing one...besides snuggling up under it? :)

  2. HOLY COW Kelly, your quilts are Fantastic with a capital F. You have done such an amazing job.....
    Leanne :-)

  3. i am so jealous! remember i cut hundreds of squares? they're still waiting to be sewn together. LOL.

  4. Your quilts are beautiful!

  5. You are so lucky that you can make quilts!!! :)
    They are fabulous :)

  6. love love love the strip on the back! Perfect way to finish it up! Great work! I quilted for 10 years but haven't picked any up in a long time.


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