Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to stop in and wish each and every visitor to my little blog - a very Merry Christmas and a super fabulous New Year - filled with lots of crafting and sewing.

Almost forgot to take a pic of my placemats. I now see that a red or green or gold border would have been nicer (but there wasn't that much variety at the shop)
And this is the reverse.
And I thought I'd leave you with my favourite present I got today. Hubby upgraded my chair. I was so happy to chuck that old one out! Look how small it was.
My new one is seriously fabulous. So big and soft and it even reclines. It is so comfortable. I love it.

It's been a long long day so I am outta here.
Hope your day has been filled with love, and laughter and family xxx

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